C Magazine


Issue 72


Issue Contents

  1. Daniel Borins
    New Canadian Folk
  2. Jeff Derkson
    Thing Culture
  3. Martin Arnold
    Pure Happenings: The Work of Gwen MacGregor
  1. RM Vaughan
    20 Questions with Bradley Phillips
  2. Michael Turner
    Promises Promises: Michael Turner interviews Christina Ritchie
Artist Project
  1. Rob Davis, Vincent Dermody, Mike Langlois, Rebecca Levine, and Law Office
    Centrefold 9-8-01
  2. Cooper Battersby, Emily Vey Duke, Jinhan Ko, Kelly Mark, Alex Morrison, and Sandy Plotnikoff
    Hoser: Artists' Portfolio
  1. Dion Kliner, Si Si Penaloza, and Jessica Wyman
    C Shorts: Recent and Current Exhibitions

  2. C Index: Awards, Appointments, Acquisitions and Sales
  3. Pamila Matharu
    Society Page
  1. Christopher Brayshaw
    Scott McFarland: Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver
  2. Eric Glavin
    Jeremy Blake: YYZ, Toronto
  3. Christopher Brayshaw
    Myfanwy Macleod: Catriona Jeffries and Or Galleries, Vancouver
  4. Sophie Hackett
    Aernout Mik: The Power Plant, Toronto
  5. Jessica Wyman
    Universal Pictures 3: Blackwood Gallery, University of Toronto at Mississauga
  6. Rodney La Tourelle
    Victor Sloan, Susan Philipsz, and Eoghan McTigue: Plug In ICA, Winnipeg
  7. Vincent Tinguely
    Isabelle Hayeur: SKOL, Montreal