C Magazine


Issue 73


Issue Contents

  1. Eileen Sommerman
  1. Lynn Crosbie
    Ca Cb: Lynn Crosbie looks at the work of Corinne Carlson
  2. Lynn Crosbie
    Ca Cb: Lynn Crosbie looks at the work of Corinne Carlson
  3. Dena Shottenkirk
    Conceptual Think-See: Three Generations of Conceptual Artists
  4. Ann Dean
    Politics and Romance in James Carl's redemption
  5. Chris Kraus
    We Need Your Dick Out Here: Chris Kraus on Sophie Calle
  6. Kika Thorne
    Nothing and Something in the Work of Martin Creed
  1. Nadine Norman and Sam Samore
    Palais de Tokyo: A conversation between artists Nadine Norman and Sam Samore
Artist Project
  1. Cécile Hartmann
    sensories: a time to be heavy, a time to move
  2. Claude Closky
    Untitled (C Insert)
  3. Corin Hewitt
    Coming Home

  1. Obituary: Colin Campbell
  2. Aaron Brewer
    On Drawing
  3. Wayne Baerwaldt
    Landscapes: Notes on a Town Without Pity
  4. Carl Skelton
    Landscapes: Letter from the Large Intestine
  5. Steve Reinke
    Landscapes: A View from Chicago
  6. Stephen Zepke
    Landscapes: Letter from Wein/Vienna
  7. Lisa Gabrielle Mark
    Looking Forward: Lisa Gabrielle Mark / Los Angeles
  8. Deborah Smith
    Looking Forward: Deborah Smith / Mainly England
  9. Jonathan Watkins
    Looking Forward: Jonathan Watkins / Global Tour
  10. Carl Wilson
    Looking Forward: Carl Wilson / On Music
  11. nvisible Museum
    Looking Forward: nvisible Museum / Five Aces
  12. Eileen Sommerman
    Looking Forward: Eileen Sommerman / Editor’s Choice, Toronto
  1. Susan Douglas
    Shirin Neshat: Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal
  2. Patrick Mahon
    Barbara McGill Balfour: Open Studio, Toronto
  3. Sue McCluskey
    Mara Korkola: Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto