C Magazine


Issue 77


Issue Contents

  1. Gil Blank
    The Evidence: A romantic interrogation of the work of Hilla Becher
  2. John Bentley Mays
    Beyond Overcoming: Notes on Abstract Painting
  3. Hans-J├╝rgen Hafner
    buzzes...others inside out...
  4. Matthew Rose
    Some Assembly Required: Ray Johnson's Performance in Life and Death
  5. Randy Gladman
    Visit To Nutsy's: Randy Gladman at Tom Sach's Studio
  6. Martin Arnold
    Keeping Fluid In A Common Place: Karen Henderson's Gallery Cameras
  7. Ihor Holubizky and Jon Tupper
    Asia Pacific Triennial
  8. Kathleen Maitland-Carter
    The Art of Noise: Merzbow
Artist Project
  1. Carl Skelton
    Will Is Was
  2. Rob Kovitz
  3. David Armstrong
    I've Been Thinkin'