C Magazine


Issue 80


Issue Contents

  1. Owen Ford
    World War vs Tribal War
  2. Brian Gahan
    Good Will Hunting
  1. Rosemary Heather
    Collective Action
  1. Luis Jacob
    Golden Streams: Artists' Collaboration and Exchange in the 1970's
  2. Janis Demkiw and Jenifer Papararo
    The 8th Havana Biennial: Two perspectives on two collaborations
  3. Sarah Hollenberg and Rebecca Roberts
    They Is Them, We Is You, They Is Us, We Is Them
  1. Kathy Slade
    Contemporary Art is Sex: Rita McBride in Conversation with Kathy Slade
Artist Project
  1. Isin Onol
    Isin Onol, ‘Light Compositions’, 2003
  2. Dave Allen
    Dave Allen, ‘Cassette Tape Covers From C Issue #79, 2003
  3. Hadley Howles and Maxwell Stephens
    Hadley Howles + Maxwell Stephens, Untitled Sculpture (1997), An Idea of Collaboration
  1. Cate Rimmer
    Obituary: Doris Shadbolt 1918-2003
  2. Chris Kraus
    Slant: Temporal Protocols
  3. Aaron Brewer
    The Shover: Collectively Wrong - Fascist Aesthetics in Contemporary Life
  1. Emily Vey Duke
    John Currin: Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
  2. Natalie De Vito
    Re-play: Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton
  3. Fergal Stapleton
    'I Am a Curator', Per Huttner: Chisenhale Gallery, London
  4. Andrew Harwood
    Andrew J. Patterson, Mono Logical: 7A*11D and Pleasure Dome, Toronto
  5. Rodney LaTourelle
    Bankleer (Christoph Leitner, Karin Kasböck): Kunstbank, Berlin
  6. Christina Ritchie
    Karin Bubas, Ivy House: Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver
  7. Scott Myers
    Mark Lombardi, Global Networks: The Drawing Center, New York