C Magazine


Issue 81


Issue Contents

  1. Rosemary Heather
  1. Bruce LaBruce
    Peaches: Word To The Fatherfucker
  2. Philip Monk
    Show’s Over Folks, Move Along: The Institutionalization of Art and The Secret Life of the Underground
  1. Rebecca Godfrey
    The Last Revolutionary Moment: Weather Underground Director Sam Green In Conversation with Rebecca Godfrey
  2. Sarah Hollenberg and Izida Zorde
    Asking The Wrong Questions: 6 Artists Respond
  3. Suzana Sučic
    All Ways Lead to Rome: Talking To La Cicciolina
Artist Project
  1. Eli Langer
    Eli Langer, Untitled (Dream), 1996/2004
  2. Zin Taylor
    Zin Taylor, The Locust, 2004
  1. Jessica Bradley
    Obituary: Ann Lind, 1943-2004
  2. Chris Kraus
    Slant: Let's Call the Whole Thing Off
  3. Aaron Brewer
    The Shover: The Unseen, Supernatural Politics And The American Right
  1. Eva Scharrar
    I Wanna Be A Popstar: Loop, Raum Für Aktuelle Kunst, Berlin
  2. Emily Vey Duke
    Threads Of Belonging, Jennifer Montgomery: Gene Siskel Center, Chicago
  3. Fergal Stapleton
    Collier Shorr: Modern Art Inc, London
  4. Bryne McLaughlin
    Siobhan Hapaska: Kerlin Gallary, Dublin
  5. Pascale Beaudet
    Catherine Sylvain: Petites Détresses Humaines, Circa, Montreal
  6. Scott Myers
    Melissa Shiff, Eijah Chair: Art, Ritual and Social Action, The Jewish Museum, New York
  7. Corin Sworn
    Mark Leckey / Tony Romano: Mercer Union, Toronto
  8. Séamus Kealy
    The Basement Show: The Electra, Vancouver