C Magazine


Issue 83


Issue Contents

  1. Rosemary Heather
  1. Bruce LaBruce
    Take Your Balls and Go: Bruce La Bruce on Jackie Curtis
  2. Kenneth Hayes
    Becoming Minor: Revenge of the Cradle, Keçeburnu Art Space and Diyarbakir Sanat Merkezi; Diyarbakir, Turkey
  3. Suzana Sučic
    Trip Into the Unknown, Berlin’s Full-Blown Disco Perversion: The Honeysuckle Company
  1. Eliza Griffiths
    Daniel Richter: Optimistic Dystopian
Artist Project
  1. Maura Doyle
    Flow Chart For Chips, Maura Doyle, 2004

  2. A Mobile Wardrobe Designed by Bless, 2004
  1. Chris Kraus
    Solutions to Problems that Don't Exist
  2. Aaron Brewer
    The Father of the Raven and the New Jersey Turnpike at Night
  3. Emily Vey Duke
    Letter from Halifax
  1. Rodney LaTourelle
    John Bock: Klosterfeld Gallery, Berlin
  2. Sybrant Van Keulen
    Euan Macdonald, Eclipse + Other Chance Experiences: Kunstbunker, Nüremberg, Germany
  3. Stacey DeWolfe
    Bill Burns, Safety Gear For Small Animals: Saidye Bronfman Centre, Montréal
  4. Lisi Raskin
    Rachel Harrison, Latka/Latkas:GreeneNaftali Gallery, New York
  5. Bernard Schütze
    11th Biennial of Visual Arts Values: Pancevo, Serbia
  6. Randy Gladman
    Jeremy Blake: Art Gallery of York University, Toronto
  7. Kyla Mallet
    Together Forever: Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver
  8. Allan Antliff
    Dax Morrison, Day By Day: Art Gallery Of Windsor