C Magazine


Issue 85


Issue Contents

  1. Dyan Marie
    Re: Twenty Years of C Magazine
  2. Michael Snow
    Postscript to "An Interview With Michael Snow" In Issue #84 Winter 2004: Apologies and Corrections / Clarifications
  1. Rosemary Heather
  1. Thomas Johnson
    Body Politics: A Letter to Terry Eagleton
  2. Rodney La Tourelle
    Elke Marhöfer: Get Out if Here and Think We
  3. Earl Miller
    Nice Nihilism: The Art of Chris Hanson and Hendrika Sonnenberg
  4. Jenifer Papararo
    Paper Rad: The Rainbow Graffiti Will Fade!
  1. Arnaud Desjardin
    I Want More Life Fucker: Arnaud Desjardin Talks to UK’s Inventory
Artist Project
  1. Sydney Vermont
    Table of Contents: Sydney Vermont, George Reagan, 2005
  2. Sadegh Tirafkan
    Sadegh Tirafkan, From the Series: Secret of the Runes, 2002
  3. Gavin Brown’s Enterprise
    It Can Change, 2004
  1. Emily Vey Duke
    Slant: Suffering, Empathy, Art and the Greater Good
  2. Aaron Brewer
    The Shover: Waiting For The One
  1. Muriel Bartol
    Eli Lander, "Twelve Years From Earth": Daniel Hug Gallery, Los Angeles
  2. Julian Jason Haladyn and Miriam Jordan
    Gu Xiong and Xu Bing, "Here is What I Mean": Doris McCarthy Gallery, Scarborough
  3. Anne Low
    Gregor Schneider, "Die Familie Schneider": Artangel, London
  4. Leah Sandals
    White: Whiteness and Race in Contemporary Art, International Center of Photography, New York
  5. Chen Tamir
    Sandra Meigs, "The Bump and Ride Paintings": Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
  6. Lisi Raskin
    Flipside: Artists Space, New York
  7. Julie Ryan
    Paul P.: Galerie Lisa Ruyter, Vienna
  8. Mary Reid
    3 Objects, Daniel Young and Christian Giroux: Ace Art Inc., Winnipeg