C Magazine


Issue 86


Issue Contents

  1. Rosemary Heather
    Group Metaphysics — Abstract
  1. Jacob Wren
    No Truth Without A Fight: Jacob Wren On Alain Badiou — Abstract
  2. Emily Vey Duke and Kevin Rodgers
    Two Types of Sacred: 1970s Endurance Art Today — Abstract
  3. John Marriott
    Don't You Feel Better?: Meeso Lee Gets Uneven — Abstract
  4. Lyndon Phillip
    The Politics of Wearability: African Cloth Reinvents The Diaspora — Abstract
  1. Bruce LaBruce
    Availabism, Ferralism and Kali 101: Bruce La Bruce Talks To Kembra Pfahler — Abstract
Artist Project
  1. Derek Sullivan
    Untitled, 2005 — Abstract
  2. Daniel Siney
    Daniel Siney, Aaron Firing Red Arrow, 2004 — Abstract
  1. Chris Kraus
    Slant: My Dinner With Who? — Abstract
  2. Aaron Brewer
    Supplemental Supernatural: David Askevold in Los Angeles — Abstract
  1. Eva Scharrar
    Brad Phillips: Groeflin Maag Galerie, Basel — Abstract
  2. Adina Popescu
    Micah Lexier: Gitte Weise Gallery, Berlin — Abstract
  3. Judith Wilkinson
    Beck's Futures 2005: Institute of Contemporary Arts, London — Abstract
  4. Xandra Eden
    Reena Spaulings: Haswellediger & Co., New York — Abstract
  5. Joseph R. Wolin
    Stephen Andrews: Cue Art Foundation, New York, and Participant Inc., New York — Abstract
  6. Pan Wendt
    James Lee Byars "Love, Life and Death": Musée De L'Art Moderne Et Contemporain De Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France — Abstract
  7. Bryne McLaughlin
    Blue Republic: Peak Gallery, Toronto — Abstract
  8. Kyla Mallet
    Germaine Koh: Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Vancouver — Abstract