C Magazine


Issue 88


Issue Contents

  1. Rosemary Heather
    Art Rock
  1. Chris Kraus
    Goody-B. Wiseman: Bad Girl Perennial
  2. Rosemary Heather
    Taylor Savvy [Sham] Artist, Pop Imposter
  3. Dave Dyment
    Shrieks, Drones & Destruction: How Fluxus Altered the Face of Pop Music (Without Anyone Noticing)
  4. Justin Hoffmann
    Gap Artist: Tim Lee Works The Staged Fantastic
  5. Stacey DeWolfe
    Modern Primitives: So Faux: Canada Invents a New School of Art Rock
  6. Earl Miller
    File Under Anarchy: A Brief History of Punk Rock's 30 Year Relationship with Toronto's Art Press
  1. Luis Jacob
    Dan Graham Interviewed by Luis Jacob
Artist Project
  1. Will Munro
    Will Munro, I want to infuse pop music with disease cuz it's the beat that's killing me, 2005
  1. Aaron Brewer
    The Scale of the Disaster
  1. Risa Horowitz
    Disquiet: Modern Fuel, Kingston, Ontario
  2. Terri Whitehead
    I Really Should...: Lisson Gallery, London, UK
  3. Andrea Carson
    Martha Rosler: Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK
  4. Anna Carlevaris
    Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal: Montréal, QC
  5. Duncan Macdonald
    L'Autre Amérique: Art Contemporain du Brésil, Passage de Retz, Paris, France
  6. Janis Demkiw
    News From Nowhere: Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
  7. Wojciech Olejnik
    Dimensionality: YYZ Artists Outlet, Toronto
  8. Michèle Faguet
    Downes Point and So Departed (Again): Presentation House Gallery, Vancouver
  9. Earl Miller
    51st Venice Biennale: Venice, Italy
  10. Sandee Moore
    Affirm/Nation: Urban Shaman Gallery of Contemporary Aboriginal Art, Winnipeg
  11. Awesome
    Awesome, Harvest Holidae, 2005