C Magazine


Issue 89


Issue Contents

  1. Rosemary Heather
    Case Histories — Abstract
  1. Helena Reckitt
    My Fuzzy Valentine: Allyson Mitchell — Abstract
  2. Jacob Wren
    Art Drug Centre: Jacob Wren on Kaoru Arima — Abstract
  3. Anne Low
    "a plot with a single type of grass…": Anne Low on Andrew Dadson — Abstract
  4. Yam Lau
    Theodore Saskatche Wan, or Posing with Another — Abstract
  1. Leah Sandals
    The Short Interview: Ken Lum — Abstract
  2. Terence Dick
    Brian Jungen Interviewed by Terence Dick — Abstract
Artist Project
  1. Corin Sworn
    Corin Sworn, Switzerland 1972, 2005 — Abstract
  2. Nancy Van Keerbergen
    Nancy Van Keerbergen, Self Portrait, Back Nails Drip, 2003 — Abstract
  1. Chris Kraus
    Slant: Wake — Abstract
  2. Sarah Robayo Sheridan
    Chris Marker's Owl's Eye View — Abstract
  1. Tatiana Mellema
    Yang Fudong: Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam — Abstract
  2. Rodney LaTourelle
    Erik Goengrich, "Everything Else is Inside: Berlin Sculptures & Other Announcements", Platz Der Vereinten Nationen 27, Berlin — Abstract
  3. Maura Broadhurst
    Jeannie Thib, "Pattern Fields": Foreman Art Gallery of Bishop's University, Lennoxville, QC — Abstract
  4. Dina Dietsche
    Jessica Thompson, "Soundbike": GlowLab, Open Lab Art Interactive, Boston — Abstract
  5. Salvka Sverakova
    Theo Sims, "Splace": Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast — Abstract
  6. Mick Peter
    Lisi Raskin: Transmission Gallery, Glasgow — Abstract
  7. Vesna Krstich
    Jeff Wall, "Photographs 1978-2004": Tate Modern, London — Abstract
  8. Christina Bagatavicius
    Ilya and Emily Kabakov, "The house of Dreams": Serpentine Gallery, London — Abstract
  9. Carla Garnet
    Lori Newdick, "Lucky": Corkin Shopland Gallery, Toronto — Abstract
  10. Sean Alward
    Stephanie Aitkin, "Headlands: New Paintings", Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver — Abstract