C Magazine


Issue 93


Issue Contents

  1. Rosemary Heather
    Canada's Culture War — Abstract
  1. Jacob Wren
    Real Dirty Ethics — Abstract
  2. Candice Hopkins
    Between the Monument and the Ruin — Abstract
  3. Fernando Oliva and Marcelo Rezende
    "I Believe the Solution is Panic" — Abstract
  4. Earl Miller
    Representation of a Sculptor — Abstract
  5. Helena Reckitt
    Manifesta Destiny — Abstract
Artist Project
  1. Adrian Blackwell
    Model for a Public Space [Speaker] — Abstract
  1. Judith Wilkinson
    Views: Canadian Club — Abstract
  2. Jon Davies
    Views: Kenneth Anger Me — Abstract
  1. Andria Hickey
    Rodney Graham — Abstract
  2. Sholem Krishtalka
    Neo Rauch — Abstract
  3. Petra Halkes
    Deborah Margo — Abstract
  4. Catherine Sicot
    Iris Haussler — Abstract
  5. Lisi Raskin
    Al Steiner — Abstract
  6. Charles Danby
    Liz Rideal, Fall, River, Snow: Water Drape, Ice Steam, Deer Portrait — Abstract
  7. York Lethbridge
    Scott Treleaven: My dear, my darling, do you hear me where you sleep? — Abstract
  8. Henrikke Nielsen
    Beyond Cinema: The Art of Projection — Abstract