C Magazine


Issue 112


Issue Contents

  1. Amish Morrell
    Editorial: Exhibition Practices — Read Text
  1. Jesse Birch
    A Sea of Contingencies: Durational Projects — Abstract
  2. Philip Monk
    Some Like It Haute: The General Idea Retrospective at the Art Gallery of Ontario — Abstract
  3. Caroline Seck Langill
    "Me Calling Him—Him Calling Me"— Tom Sherman's Recent Video Work — Abstract
  4. Tatiana Mellema
    New Experiments in Communal Living — Abstract
  1. Denise Frimer
    Paris/Ojibwa: Interview with Robert Houle — Abstract
Artist Project
  1. Alex Wolfson
    The F.E.K. Archives:This is making me nervous... — Abstract
  1. Anastasia Hare and Candice Napoleone
    Noteworthy — Abstract
  1. Sarah Parsons
    Taryn Simon: A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters — Abstract
  2. Craig Francis Power
    Art Ex 2011: River as Source — Abstract
  3. Emily Rosamond
    Pavillon levé (dix jours à vaincre les mortes-eaux) — Abstract
  4. Joanna Sheridan
    The Normal Condition of Any Communication — Abstract
  5. Lisa Myers
    Gwen Macgregor and Sandra Rechico: Backtrack — Abstract
  6. Jill Glessing
    EL ARTE del Comer: DE LA NATURALEZA MEURTA A FERRAN ADRIA (The Art of Eating: from "still life" to Ferran Adrià) — Abstract
  7. Sky Goodden
    Louise Bourgeois: El retorno de lo reprimido ("the return of the repressed") — Abstract
  8. Mary Reid
    Haven't We Been Here Before? — Abstract
  9. Sarah Stephenson
    New Photography 2011 — Abstract
  10. Richard William Hill
    Carl Beam: The Poetics of Being — Abstract
  11. Heather Anderson
    (Re)Staging the Art Museum, edited by Tone Hansen — Abstract
  12. Amanda Brason
    Where Art Belongs, by Chris Kraus — Abstract
  13. Natasha Ginwala
    Making Art Global (Part 1): The Third Havana Biennial 1989, by Rachel Weiss and other authors — Abstract