C Magazine


Issue 127


Issue Contents

  1. Kari Cwynar, Amish Morrell, Danielle St-Amour, and cheyanne turions
    Editorial: Poetry — Read Text
  1. CAConrad
    (Soma)tic Ritual Collaborations — Read Text
  2. Nasrin Himada
    A Positioning, Not a Question — Read Text
  3. Tanya Lukin Linklater, Hanne Lippard, and Tiziana La Melia
    Three Parts on Poetry: Orality and Action, The Edges and the Centre, Voices On Her Cures — Abstract
  4. Stacy Doris and Lisa Robertson
    The Perfume Recordist — Abstract
  5. Rachel Valinsky
    For Example (We Have Decided to Become Our Own Posterity): on Arakawa and Gins — Abstract
  6. Amy De'Ath
    Tore Off — Abstract
  7. Andrea Lukic
    Excerpt from Pissing — Abstract
  8. Leanne Betasamosake Simpson
    Constellation — Abstract
  9. Taocheng Wang
    The First Drawing for Reflection Paper No. 5 and The Second Drawing for Reflection Paper No. 5 — Abstract
  10. Aisha Sasha John
    Do I have faith or am I stupid? — Abstract
Artist Project
  1. Alex Turgeon
    Midday in the Garden at the Wrecked Beach — Abstract
  1. Lucy Ives
    On Writing: Meditations on the Art of Reading — Read Text
  2. Robin Simpson
    Inventory: Poetry — Abstract
  1. Magdalena Milosz
    Shirin Neshat: Soliloquy — Read Text
  2. Randy Lee Cutler
    All the World's Futures: The 56th International Art Exhibition, Venice — Read Text
  3. Peta Rake
    ManWoman: Heart of Longing — Abstract
  4. Shelby Fenlon
    Laurie Kang: Deferring Diffractions — Abstract
  5. Emma Healey
    Elizabeth Zvonar: THE CHALLENGE OF ABSTRACTION — Abstract
  6. Erica Prince
    Julia Feyrer and Tamara Henderson: Consider the Belvedere — Read Text
  7. Olivia Dunbar
    Alina Szapocznikow, Alisa Baremboym, Aleksandra Domanović, Sarah Lucas, Katja Novitskova, Carolee Schneemann and Anicka Yi: Them — Abstract
  8. Sam Davis
    Perfume Area by Laurel Schwulst and Sydney Shen — Read Text
  9. Fan Wu
    Brian Droitcour, ed., The Animated Reader: Poetry of "Surround Audience" — Abstract
  10. Tess Edmonson
    The Agronauts by Maggie Nelson — Abstract