C Magazine


Issue 130


Issue Contents

  1. Kari Cwynar and Amish Morrell
    Editorial: Performance — Read Text
  1. Ara Osterweil
    Radio Daze: Why Ken Jacobs’ Blonde Cobra Still Matters — Abstract
  2. Jon Davies
    Every Home a Heartache: Chantal Akerman — Read Text
  3. Sabrina Tarasoff
    Sylvia — Abstract
  4. Alison Cooley and Daniella Sanader
    Notes on Myth-Making — Read Text
  5. Steve Kado
    Ashley after Ashley — Abstract
Artist Project
  1. Annie MacDonell
    Notes for Performers — Abstract
  1. Cara Benedetto
    On Writing: ‘She invented love to not die’ Script written and performed by Cara Benedetto — Abstract
  2. Richard William Hill
    Close Readings: Brian Jungen Close 51 Catriona Jeffries, Vancouver January 22 – February 27, 2016 — Abstract
  3. Walter Scott
    Inventory — Abstract
  4. Francisco-Fernando Granados and Jessica Karuhanga
    Artefact — Abstract
  1. Cameron Hu
    Hito Steyerl: Factory of the Sun — Read Text
  2. Steffanie Ling
    Ron Tran: Somewhat Mine: A Nanaimo Retrospective — Abstract
  3. Xenia Benivolski
    Rodrigo Hernández: every forest madly in love with the moon has a highway crossing it from one side to the other — Abstract
  4. Monika Vrečar
    Aleksandra Domanović: Mother of This Domain — Abstract
  5. Joel Herman
    Shane Krepakevich: Lightweight — Abstract
  6. Jaclyn Meloche
    Carol Sawyer: The Natalie Brettschneider Archive — Abstract
  7. Craig Francis Power
    enter the fog — Abstract
  8. Kenneth Hayes
    Ana Alenso: Tropical Curse — Abstract
  9. Tess Edmonson
    Robert Walser, Looking at Pictures (New Directions, 2015) — Abstract
  10. Fan Wu
    The Lake Is a Plate of Itself: On Anne Carson’s “Dave’s, Lake Michigan, Early June” — Abstract