C Magazine


Issue 133


Issue Contents

  1. Kari Cwynar
    Editorial: Refusal — Read Text
  1. Joshua Vettivelu
    When We Are Welcomed Into The Fold, Where Do We Keep What Is Left Behind? — Read Text
  2. Jonah Gray
    Wood Land School: A Brief Report — Abstract
  3. Sabrina Tarasoff
    Lutz Bacher: Glitter and Resign — Abstract
  4. Lauren van Haaften-Schick
    Art After Property — Read Text
  5. Stacey Ho
    Killjoy in Conversation with Stacey Ho — Abstract
  6. Lido Pimienta
    We Are in a Non-Relationship Relationship — Abstract
Artist Project
  1. Kari Cwynar
    Hoods by John Edmonds: Words — Abstract
  2. John Edmonds
    Hoods — Abstract
  1. Jacqueline Bell
    Inventory: The Subject of Tears: Reflections on three works by Divya Mehra — Abstract
  2. Rodrigo Ortiz Monasterio
    Artefact: Sonsbeek Beyond the Limits — Abstract
  1. Xenia Benivolski
    Le Grand Balcon, BNLMTL — Abstract
  2. Amy Luo
    That ends that matter — Abstract
  3. Dory Nason
    #callresponse — Abstract
  4. Marina Fathalla
    Patrick Cruz: Archeological Apathy — Read Text
  5. Simone Krug
    We Dance, We Smoke, We Kiss — Abstract
  6. Jesse McKee
    Primary Research Lab — Abstract
  7. Georgia Phillips-Amos
    Etel Adnan: The Weight of the World — Abstract
  8. Kegan McFadden
    Ho Tam: Cover to Cover — Abstract
  9. Jesse Birch and Jesse Birch
    Yuki Kimura: Inhuman Transformation of New Year's Decoration, Obsolete Conception or 2 — Abstract
  10. Grace Linden
    Campus Sex, Campus Security by Jennifer Doyle — Abstract
  11. Whitney Brennan
    LIES: Volume II — Abstract