C Magazine


Issue 135


Issue Contents

  1. Kari Cwynar
    Editorial: Voice — Read Text
  1. Amy Fung
    The Past, The Present and The Same, Deanna Bowen interviewed by Amy Fung — Abstract
  2. Prathna Lor and Fan Wu
    Sisyphus’ Music Box: A dialogue on race and interruption — Read Text
  3. Esmé Hogeveen
    Making Us Look: Filmmaker Charles Officer on documentary-making, silent film aspirations and the overdue question of national audience in the year of Canada 150 — Abstract
  4. Anna Kovler
    A New Generation: In conversation with five independent art galleries: Little Sister, Bunker 2, Franz Kaka, The Loon and Y+ Contemporary — Read Text
  5. Lena Suksi
    Soft Listen, Aliya Pabani interviewed by Lena Suksi — Abstract
  6. Charlotte Henay
    LOUD: In Conversation with Raven Davis — Read Text
  7. jes sachse
    nurture dance: a love letter to conversation and friendship in art — Abstract
Artist Project
  1. Jeneen Frei Njootli
    red rose and lidii — Abstract
  2. Linnea Dick
    red rose and lidii by Jeneen Frei Njootli: Words — Abstract
  1. Cason Sharpe
    Madelyne Beckles and Petra Collins: In Search of Us — Read Text
  2. Elora Crawford
    Chris Curreri: Unruly Matter — Abstract
  3. Kendra Ainsworth
    Maggie Groat: Suns also Seasons — Abstract
  4. Steffanie Ling
    Julian Hou: Milman Parry’s Waiting Room Rhapsody — Abstract
  5. Aisle 4
    Adrian Villar Rojas: The Theater of Disappearance — Abstract
  6. Fabiola Carranza and Steffanie Ling
    On Ling’s Nascar — Abstract
  7. Katherine McKittrick and Rinaldo Walcott
    On Walcott’s Black Like Who? — Abstract
  8. Emily Dickson
    We Are Still Here, Camille Seaman’s Portrait Photography from Oceti Sakowin — Read Text
  9. Kendra Place
    Andrea Roberts: The Stridents — Abstract