C Magazine


Issue 139


Issue Contents

  1. Jac Renée Bruneau and Kari Cwynar
    Editorial: Trust — Read Text
  1. Lillian Allen
    Who can we trust? Whose words will rescue us? — Read Text
  2. Aylan Couchie
    'Zeal Without Wisdom': Rushing for Reconciliation — Read Text
  3. Pablo de Ocampo, Erika DeFreitas, Pamela Edmonds, Vera Frenkel, Ayumi Goto, Tarah Hogue, Justin A. Langlois, Pamila Matharu, Peter Morin, Helena Reckitt, Lou Sheppard, Erdem Taşdelen, Geneviève Wallen, and Shellie Zhang
    The Artist-Curator Relationship — Abstract
  4. Lucy Ives
    It’s Not the Economy: An Interview with Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa — Read Text
  5. Simon Fuh
    Me, My Parents and My Art Practice — Abstract
  6. Greta Hamilton
    Queering Intimacy Through Acts of Care: A Conversation with Kerri Flannigan and Megan K. Quigley — Abstract
  1. Randy Lee Cutler
    Inventory: Group Exercise — Abstract
  2. Andil Gosine
    Artefact: Animal — Read Text
  1. Vince Rozario
    Sanjit Dhillon and cherry kutti: Biding My Time / Biting My Tongue — Read Text
  2. Aryen Hoekstra
    Rochelle Goldberg: Pétroleuse — Abstract
  3. Jill Glessing
    Filipa César: Spell Reel — Read Text
  4. Kendra Ainsworth
    Celia Perrin Sidarous: Toujours la coquille de l’autre always the shell of another — Abstract
  5. Casey Wei
    Chris Kraus: After Kathy Acker — Abstract
  6. Natasha Young
    Mattea Perrotta and Jonathan Ryan — Abstract
  7. Noor Bhangu
    Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa: Shit-Baby and The Crumpled Giraffe — Read Text
  8. Ricky Varghese
    Angela Grauerholz — Abstract
  9. Zoë De Luca
    Kite: The Listener — Abstract
  10. Caitlin Chaisson
    Open Engagement: Sustainability — Abstract
  11. Alex Quicho
    Patrick Langley: Arkady — Read Text
  12. Leah Snyder
    Àdisòkàmagan / Nous connaître un peu nous-mêmes / We’ll All Become Stories — Abstract