C Magazine


Issue 76


Issue Contents

  1. Jenifer Papararo
    ABCDF LA LA: A book that offers an Artist's-Eye View of Mexico City
  2. A.S.A. Harrison
    For Real: Telling the Truth in Art & Writing
  3. Jane Air
    That Cunt Has Balls: The Last of the Four-Letter Words
  4. Anna Carlevaris
    Prosthetic Devices For a Global Walker: Recent Works by Kinga Araya
  5. Cindy Lut├Ęce (Scott Hayes) and Stephen Zepke
    Taking A Peek At Cindy: The Philosopher and the Drag-Queen
  6. Johanne Sloane
    On The Waterfront: Roni Horn's River Works
  7. Jacob Wren
    Eight Points Concerning Why Things Are The Way They Are
  1. Bruce LaBruce
    Whose Heinie Is It Anyway? Bruce LaBruce Interviews Gavin McInnes
Artist Project
  1. Karen Azoulay, Joel Gibb, and Guntar Kravis
    Tops'N'Bottoms: A Project by Karen Azoulay and Joel Gibb
  2. Karma Clarke-Davis
    Sputum: A diptych by Karma Clarke-Davis
  1. Chris Kraus
    Torpor, Los Angeles: Whole
  2. Carl Wilson
    The Invisible Arts: The Good Destruction

  3. Ephemera: Collected mail