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C School

C School is aimed at extending C Magazine's mandate to advance education in contemporary visual art and culture. C School offers a sponsored educational copies and subscription program where educators can order C Magazine for use in the classroom free of charge. C School also offers study guides and critical writing workshops in a variety of educational settings, taking C Magazine into the classroom and beyond.

C School Educational Copies

C Magazine has developed the Educational Copies program for students specializing in disciplines such as visual arts, art history or cultural studies. Instructors who teach in relevant areas can order C Magazine for classroom and seminar use at no charge. As well, a limited number of sponsored student subscriptions are available for students studying at a senior level.

Instructors can email inquiries and requests to info@cmagazine.com. Please include your course title, level and the number of students in the class. For individual back issue or article requests also include the issue number, theme or season and year, and whether you are interested in print or PDF copies. Print copies are limited to availability.

C School Critical Writing Workshops

C offers critical writing workshops led by members of our editorial team or by regular C Magazine contributors. Workshops are tailored for specific audiences to focus on a range of possible topics including different styles and functions of art writing, how to write for different kinds of publications, art criticism within the cultural ecosystem of contemporary art, criticism and the idea of the public and experimental and performative modes of criticism.

Contact info@cmagazine.com to inquire about having C Magazine present a Critical Writing workshop at your school or event.