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Educational Programs

C Magazine’s mandate is to advance education in contemporary visual art by providing readers with access to important issues and ideas. We present a wide variety of educational programs, including artist talks, lectures, and workshops that extend the discussions and themes explored in the magazine and in our culture. Our readers are primarily artists, art professionals such as curators, educators, and students in visual arts and culture. For many of them, C Magazine has played an important role in their studies and in the development of their careers. We strive to offer programs that enhance our readers’ learning experiences and provide opportunities for development to writers and artists.

Experiments in Criticism

Experiments in Criticism is a yearlong education program devised by C Magazine to nurture and promote interdisciplinary critical literacy around contemporary art for youth aged 18 to 30. Participants in a series of workshops, guided by community leaders, explore unique approaches to art criticism, and a symposium in Spring 2021 offers a forum for presenting forms of experimental criticism.

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C Artist Projects
For each issue, C Magazine commissions one artist to engage with the theme and harness the unique, generative tensions inherent in the public/private nature of the magazine format. We’ve recently expanded this program, with the support of Partners in Art in 2021, to introduce a guest curator for each iteration, who commissions the work, writes the accompanying text, and hosts a public program with the artist, thus granting novel opportunities for emerging curators to begin new working relationships, receive editorial support, gain insight into magazine production, and expand their thinking about the possibilities of print.
C New Critics Award

The C New Critics Award is designed to help develop and promote the work of emerging art critics. This program gives C Magazine the opportunity to identify and support promising new writers, who often become regular contributors.

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C School

C School is aimed at extending C Magazine's mandate to advance education in contemporary visual art and culture. C School offers a sponsored educational copies and subscription program where educators can order C Magazine for use in the classroom free of charge. C School also offers study guides and critical writing workshops in a variety of educational settings, taking C Magazine into the classroom and beyond.

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C Internships
C Magazine accepts applications in March, July and November for academic and volunteer internships (part time, one day per week). As valuable members of C Magazine's team, interns play a key role in promoting and encouraging critical engagement with and knowledge of contemporary art, while gaining valuable experience in the field of publishing. Please review the individual internship descriptions for more details.

Communications - next position starts July, 2021 (apply by March 30)
Publishing - next position starts TBD
Editorial - next position starts September, 2021 (apply by July 15)

C Writer in Residence

The C Writer in Residence programme gives writers engaged in art criticism the opportunity to become closely involved with C Magazine on an in-depth level, as well as a place to grow and develop their writing practice. The Writer in Residence proposes and, upon acceptance, develops an original piece of writing to be published in a forthcoming issue of the magazine or on the website.

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C Archive

The searchable open access archive contains scans of every past issue of C Magazine. Each article is catalogued and described by a short abstract and several keywords; this work is ongoing.

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