Experiments in Criticism

Experiments in Criticism is a yearlong education program devised by C Magazine to nurture and promote interdisciplinary critical literacy around contemporary art for youth aged 18 to 30. Participants in a series of workshops, guided by community leaders, explore unique approaches to art criticism, and a symposium in Spring 2020 offers a forum for presenting forms of experimental criticism.


A series of workshops—based on a curriculum created by educational consultants in the visual arts sector—will run throughout 2019 and culminate in a symposium in early 2020. Each workshop will be led by an artist, writer, curator or educator who will interpret and actuate the curriculum based on their practice, expertise and approach to artistic discourse. While the curriculum provides a fundamental infrastructure meant to ensure the development and expansion of critical looking, thinking and analysis skills, C Magazine encourages deviation from traditional workshop formats, allowing for experimental modes of teaching and production. Possible activities may include talks, tours, performances, screenings, discussions, writing workshops and other forms of collaboration.


This project aims to engage a comprehensive cross-section of pedagogies, artistic practices and discourses, and examine what criticism entails in a variety of spaces. We aim to centre BIPOC, LGBTQQIP2SAA, differently abled, and culturally diverse participants and audiences, and foster connections between emerging, mid-career and established practitioners. C sees all of the above as integral to the continued growth of Toronto’s art community.


This project is designed to live on. Following each of the workshop series, leaders will be asked to make an installment in the curriculum archive, based on their experience. This accumulating curriculum can and will be used as a template for infinite future iterations, either organized by C, or in collaboration with organizations across Canada. These workshops will continue to create space for new forms of critical discourse that extend beyond the magazine’s regular core activities, striving to develop and enrich critical voices and further the understanding of evolving visual arts practices.

Contact for general inquiries about the program. C Magazine is committed to paying CARFAC fees. For press information, please contact Jaclyn Bruneau, Editor: