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About C Magazine

C Magazine, established in 1984, is a contemporary art and criticism periodical that functions as a forum for significant ideas in art and its contexts. Each issue explores a theme that is singularly engaged with emerging and prevailing perspectives through original art writing, criticism and artists’ projects. Our content focuses on the activities of contemporary art practitioners residing in Canada and Canadian practitioners living abroad—with an emphasis on those from Black, Indigenous, diasporic and other equity-seeking communities—as well as on international practices and dialogues. We are committed to facilitating meaningful, pluralistic, interdisciplinary, historically-engaged and imaginative conversations about art.

In addition to publishing three print and digital issues of the magazine each year, we present educational workshops, programs, talks, and other events. We also mentor interns, and facilitate two writing awards. To receive news on upcoming issues, calls, award competitions and other events, sign up to our newsletter and learn more about our programming here.

C Magazine readers are visual arts professionals and those with a keen interest in the forms, content and meaning of contemporary art - including artists, curators, art writers and critics, dealers, educators, students, consultants and art collectors. We place an emphasis on graphic design as an important aspect of our readers' experience. We also consider the importance of our collective responsibility to the environment—printing C Magazine in a limited runs, in full colour UV inks, on uncoated FSC certified paper, perfect bound with an aqueous coating on a matte cover.

C Magazine is published three times each year in April (Spring), August (Autumn), and December (Winter), by C The Visual Arts Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization established to present ideas, advance education and document contemporary visual art and artist culture.

Equity and Accessibility

C Magazine acknowledges that the majority of discourses pertaining to contemporary visual art have been informed by Western European thought, values and practices. The inclusion of perspectives from diverse groups is central to the vitality of contemporary art, art criticism, its communities and more broadly, society. Please see our policies and procedures.


C Magazine welcomes writing on contemporary art and culture that is lively and rigorously engaged with current ideas and debates. C is interested in writing that addresses emergent practices and places them in a critical context. Please visit our submissions page.

In acknowledgement of the ways that orthographic conventions have the potential to perpetuate colonial thought, expression, and ways of knowing, C Magazine maintains a Living Style Guide. While the Canadian Press Style Guide, Chicago Manual of Style, and Oxford Dictionary inform our editorial work broadly, this guide allows for a more porous, sensitive, and receptive approach to the politics of language as they continually evolve. In many instances, we’ve opted to establish looser baselines, which function as entry points for conversations with our authors. We remain open to feedback about this process and the choices that follow from it.

Where to Buy

C Magazine is carried in international bookshops, museums, and online shops. Please review our stockists.

Advertising inquiries

C Magazine focuses on contemporary art and culture, and welcomes advertisements from related institutions, services and brands with an affinity to our readers. Please download our Media kit