C Magazine


Issue 124


Issue Contents

  1. Amish Morrell
    Editorial: Strata — Read Text
  1. Peta Rake
    Trading Hosts: Del Hillier's The Trading Post — Abstract
  2. Kimberly Phillips
    On Bathtub Rings and Other Irritants: Cedric, Nathan and Jim Bomford’s Deadhead — Abstract
  3. Jane Affleck
    Wrongs Can Make It Right: The Performance and Sculptural Installation Work of Ursula Johnson — Abstract
  1. Yaniya Lee
    Directions to the Land of Milk and Honey: An Interview with Bill Burns — Read Text
Artist Project
  1. Dan Holdsworth
    Forms FTP — Abstract
  2. Rebecca Travis
    Forms FTP by Dan Holdsworth: Text — Abstract
  1. Susannah Worth
    Digging for Ficto-Criticism — Abstract
  2. Rebecca Travis
    Inventory: Strata — Abstract
  3. Alex Bowron
    Women on Diving Board — Abstract
  1. Sydney Hart
    Where Does it Hurt? — Abstract
  2. Nick Warner
    Adrian Norvid: Mr. Fizz’s Knocking Shop — Abstract
  3. Tarin Hughes
    Sympathetic Magic — Abstract
  4. Jacob Korczynski
    Incident Light: Gendered Artifacts and Traces Illuminated in the Archives — Abstract
  5. Sam Cotter
    Getting Rid of Ourselves — Abstract
  6. L. Sasha Gora
    Stan Douglas: Mise en scène — Abstract
  7. Michael Davidge
    beyond earth art: contemporary artists and the environment — Abstract
  8. Jen Kennedy
    Amy Sillman: one lump or two and Anne Collier — Abstract
  9. Veronica Simmonds
    Pictou Island Portage: An Artist Residency — Read Text
  10. Aaron Weldon
    Robert Frank: Books, Films, 1947–2014 — Abstract
  11. Mark Clintberg
    Curiosity: Art and the Pleasures of Knowing — Abstract
  12. Shinobu Akimoto
    Yokohama Triennale 2014 — Abstract
  13. Sholem Krishtalka
    I Could See Everything by Margaux Williamson — Abstract
  14. Saelan Twerdy
    Your Everyday Art World by Lane Relyea — Abstract