C Magazine


Issue 59


Issue Contents

  1. Joyce Mason
    Smart & Sexy
  1. David Morrow
    "If This Is Art, Then I Really Like It": David Morrow on Tracey Moffat's Heaven — Abstract
  2. Lisa Gabrielle Mark
    Getting Our Hands Dirty: Lisa Gabrielle Mark on Women and Painting
  3. Ray Cronin
    Conceptual Evidence: Ray Cronin on "Manifest" — Abstract
  4. Robert Fones
    Toy Box Junkies: Robert Fones on recent works by Mitch Robertson, Marla Hlady, Daniel Olsen & Sally McKay

  1. What to c: a guide to the season's major exhibitions
  1. Claire Wolf Kranz
    Practice and Process: Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena / Richmond Arts Center, Richmond, CA
  2. Lisa Gabrielle Mark
    Letter from Vancouver: August 1998
  3. Cate Rimmer
    Huang Yong Ping & Xu Bing: Art Beatus, Vancouver
  4. David Garneau
    Letter from Calgary: August 1998
  5. Susan Snodgrass
    Letter from Chicago: August 1998
  6. Deborah Wilk
    1998: New Artists in Chicago, The Terra Museum of American Art, Chicago
  7. John Armstrong
    Robert Weins: Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
  8. Lisa Gabrielle Mark
    Letter from Toronto: August 1998
  9. Andrea Fitzpatrick
    Shari Hatt : Oboro, Montreal
  10. Marie Fraser
    Letter from Montreal: August 1998
  11. Robin Metcalfe
    Letter from Halifax: August 1998
  12. Darrin Heaton
    Susie Major: Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax
  13. Dena Shottenkirk
    Letter from New York: August 1998
  14. Carol Peaker
    Letter from London: August 1998
  15. Carol Peaker
    Ilya and Emilia Kabakov: The Roundhouse, London

  1. Picturing the Toronto Art Community: The Queen Street Years: Insert