C Magazine


Issue 121


Issue Contents

  1. Amish Morrell
    Editorial: Walking — Read Text
  1. Randy Lee Cutler
    On Speculative Walking: From the Peripatetic to the Peristaltic — Read Text
  2. Simon Pope
    Walking Transformed: The Dialogics of Art and Walking — Read Text
  3. Jon Davies
    Sissy Boys on Youtube: Notes Towards a Cultural History of Online Queer Childhood — Abstract
  4. Eugenia Kisin
    Walking with Artists — Abstract
  1. Earl Miller
    The Walk Exchange: Pedagogy and Pedestrianism, An Interview with Moira Williams — Abstract
Artist Project
  1. Sheilah Wilson
    The Visible Inside the Invisible — Abstract
  2. Stephen Horne
    The Visible Inside the Invisible by Sheilah Wilson: Text — Abstract
  1. Malcom Sutton
    On Writing: Group Writing — Abstract
  2. unknown
    Primer: The Walking Library — Abstract
  3. Sasha Sobrino
    Inventory: Walking — Abstract
  4. Dylan Gordon
    Artefact: Mushroom Magic, Mushroom Gold — Abstract
  1. Stephen Horne
    Garry Neill Kennedy: PATTISON — Abstract
  2. Sydney Hart
    Samuel Roy-Bois: Not a new world, just an old trick — Abstract
  3. Adrienne Fitzpatrick
    Will Gill: Bloodredlife — Abstract
  4. J. J. Kegan McFadden
    Zachari Logan: Fugitive Garden — Abstract
  5. Penelope Smart
    As Perennial as the Grass — Abstract
  6. Ben Portis
    Surface Tension — Abstract
  7. Susan Walker
    Tom Dean: Mercy — Abstract
  8. Joni Low
    Land|Slide: Possible Futures — Abstract
  9. Zoë Chan
    Minor Threats — Abstract
  10. Michael Vass
    Artists' Walks: The Persistence of Peripateticism — Abstract
  11. Gloria Hickey
    Kailey Brian: Bits & Places — Abstract
  12. Heather White
    Art as Therapy, by John Armstrong and Alain de Botton — Read Text
  13. Andrew James Paterson
    Explosion in the Movie Machine: Essays and Documents on Toronto Artists’ Film and Video, Edited by Chris Gehman — Abstract
  14. Michael DiRisio
    It’s the Political Economy, Stupid: The Global Financial Crisis in Art and Theory, Edited by Gregory Sholette & Oliver Ressler — Abstract