C Magazine


Issue 134


Issue Contents

  1. Kari Cwynar
    Editorial: Land — Read Text
  1. Mary E. Mendoza
    Racialized Landscapes: Marking Territory Across North America — Abstract
  2. Nicole Kelly Westman
    the cul-de-sacs bulb into dead ends — Read Text
  3. Sadia Shirazi
    Postcommodity Interviewed by Sadia Shirazi — Read Text
  4. Katherine McLeod
    Mare Liberum Interviewed by Katherine McLeod — Abstract
  5. Weiyi Chang
    Kelly Jazvac Interviewed by Weiyi Chang — Abstract
  6. Jake Moore
    Florida is Galaxy Grey — Read Text
Artist Project
  1. Olivia Whetung
    tibewh — Abstract
  2. Lisa Myers
    Water is land, Land is also water — Abstract
  1. Christine Lemke
    On Writing: Out of Season — Read Text

  2. Inventory: Canada 150: An Exegesis — Abstract
  3. Pamela Edmonds
    Artefact: Landscapes of Forgetting — Read Text
  1. Rose Bouthillier
    Whitney Biennial 2017 — Abstract
  2. Alex Turgeon
    Jason Dodge and Paul Thek — Abstract
  3. Coman Poon
    all our days are full of breath: a record of momentum — Read Text
  4. Genevieve Flavelle
    Sovereign Acts II: Rebecca Belmore, Lori Blondeau, Dayna Danger, Robert Houle, James Luna, Shelley Niro, Adrian Stimson, Jeff Thomas — Abstract
  5. Su-Ying Lee
    Tercerunquinto: Doble fondo (False Bottom) — Abstract
  6. Mary MacDonald
    New-Found-Lands: Exploring historical and contemporary connections between Newfoundland and the Caribbean diaspora — Abstract
  7. D'Arcy Blake
    Juan Cisneros Neumann: It Was Something and Then It Became Something Else — Abstract
  8. Jon Davies
    Babybel Wax Bodysuit and Condo Heartbreak Disco by Eric Kostiuk Williams — Abstract
  9. Esmé Hogeveen
    RAVE: Rave and Its Influence on Art and Culture Edited by Nav Haq — Abstract