C Magazine


Issue 143


Issue Contents

  1. Parker Kay, Amy Lam, and Lisa Smolkin
    Letters — Read Text
  1. Merray Gerges
    Editorial: Ownership — Read Text
  1. Tiana Reid
    The Market Will Never Catch Up — Read Text
  2. Adrian Stimson
    Getting Our Belongings Back — Read Text
  3. Marie Fraser
    Collecting Forever? On Acquiring a Tino Sehgal — Read Text
  4. Jaimie Isaac
    Reformed? — Read Text
  5. Sara Raza
    But a Storm Is Blowing from Paradise: Acquiring Contemporary Art of the Middle East and North Africa — Read Text
Artist Project
  1. Merray Gerges
    70,000 Veils, by Sameer Farooq: Text — Read Text
  2. Sameer Farooq
    70,000 Veils — Abstract
  1. Adriana Disman
    Composition: Skin Has Two Sides — Read Text
  2. Elisha Lim
    Thread: Identity Politics Economics — Read Text
  3. Arun Nedra Rodrigo
    One Thing: Surface Tension (or What Holds an ‘Us’ Together) — Read Text
  1. Daniella Sanader
    Beatrice Gibson: Plural Dreams of Social Life — Read Text
  2. Fabiola Carranza
    Twenty Years of Despacio 2008–2028 — Read Text
  3. Steffanie Ling
    Inquiring Minds: Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Gabi Dao, Eitan Efrat, Sirah Foighel Brutmann, Henry Hills, Onyeka Igwe, Martina Melilli — Read Text
  4. Samuel Bernier-Cormier
    Karla McManus: Inside/Outside: Images of the LAND in Artexte’s Collection — Read Text
  5. Karina Irvine
    Gabrielle L’Hirondelle Hill: Money — Read Text
  6. Esmé Hogeveen
    Alexia Laferté-Coutu and Jessica Williams: Between Two Eternities — Read Text
  7. Jessica Johns
    Together Apart, Queer Indigeneities — Read Text
  8. Lisa Myers
    Isuma: Isuma, 58th International Venice Biennale — Read Text
  9. Steph Wong Ken
    Varvara & Mar: Chameleon — Read Text
  10. Ahmed Hegazy
    Manar Moursi: The Loudspeaker and the Tower — Read Text